Wheat Pennies Worth Money

Wheat Pennies Worth Money. Top mint condition 1919 wheat pennies with a reddish color and full luster can be worth as much as $5,000! Coins struck in philadelphia bear no mint mark.

1951 Lincoln Wheat Pennies Values and Prices Past Sales
1951 Lincoln Wheat Pennies Values and Prices Past Sales from www.coinvalues.com

Keep in mind that while the 1943 bronze lincoln penny is. Now that's a pretty penny! Lincoln pennies are coins with a long history.

Lincoln Pennies Are Coins With A Long History.

All wheat pennies are worth more than their face value of.01 cent. The 1964 sierra leone half cent is worth about 25 to 50 cents in this condition. 1858/7 flying eagle penny, $760.

1943 Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny:

Now that's a pretty penny! 1958 lincoln wheat cent penny: Heritage auctions, orlando, fl, fun signature auction in 1856, the price of copper rose to the point that it took more than a penny's worth of copper to make a penny.

They Are Now Worth Closer To Two Cents For The Metal Value.

It was the first coin i started with when beginning this coin and bill collecting hobby. This is a $45,000 wheat penny coin. This lowest denomination of american money has undergone many changes in its appearance over the years and is amusing to collectors.

With A Mintage Of 1,193,000 It Has One Of The Lowest Mintages In The Wheat Cent Series.

A proof penny sells at $35+ with slightly above 32,000 struck. Lincoln wheat cents were all bronze, struck from 1909 through 1958. Which pennies are worth money?

Coins Struck In Philadelphia Bear No Mint Mark.

While the coins were highly popular with the public from day one, there was initial outcry about the. If you like wheat pennies look for this date. Type of wheat penny key date auction record #1:

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