What is Your Religion?
Church is one of the most significant institutions organized by man. According to the dictionary, the word “church” means “an organized community or association of Christians especially for religious purposes”. Church is also known as membership in some communities. The Church of Jesus Christ, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Church of the Saviour, Church of the Teacher, and so on are few examples. The Church of Rome is another example of a particular church.

Christian Church is a Protestant Ecclesiological term meaning the church visible consisting of all Christians, acting through local churches which have approved membership for the worship. The purpose of this church is to fellowship together for worship, fellowship, instruction and retreat. They are not centralized like the synagogues, temples and mosque. There is no clergy but the pastor is the head of every church in a locality. This church believes that it is the will of God that his church should be visible among the people.

The Church of the Saviour founded by St. Paul is the mother church of today’s Roman Catholic and evangelical churches. It is known as the mother church of the east because it exists down to the fifth century. In the beginning the gospel was carried only to the widows of the house of John. Later the apostles went into the Gentiles to preach the gospel to every man. The modern-day Catholic church constitutes almost all the Churches in the world.

A church is considered to be visible when it is present among the people or its ministry is audible to the ears of all who visit it. A church is non-existent if it does not have a tangible building or visible meeting-place where all Christians can come together for worship and fellowship. In order to build a church the following things are required: A Site- the site must be a place where there is no space for building; A Worship Center- the worship area has to be large enough to accommodate all the numbers of the congregation and must be comfortable to all who enter. Preaching- the preachers must know their script and have a love for it so that they can inspire others to believe in it.

The following are some guidelines on how you can start your own church. Please Help Improve Your Church! Every week I receive an email from a young lady who is very afraid she is too young to join her local church. She says “I just don’t feel I’m old enough” This is why I wrote this article. You can learn how and when to start your own church, (please learn how to start a church).

I was born in a Catholic family, but my family is originally from the eastern orthodox church. I am also Orthodox (born again) and was raised a Baptist, but I became a Roman Catholic. I can testify that the denomination has had more influence on me than the other two. I now live in New Jersey and go to an oriental Orthodox church there.

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