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Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses


Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses. When cooking, usually some people only use one type of knife to cut all kinds of food ranging from meat, vegetables and even cooking spices. In fact, not all food ingredients are suitable to be processed using the same type of knife.

Because the true knife is divided into several types that have been adapted to their use. There are meat knives, bread knives, to carving knives to make decorations from fruits and vegetables. The shape is adjusted to the function of its use so that cutting food becomes easier and more efficient.

Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses

Want to know what types of knives are often used to process food?

1. Chef’s knife

As the name implies, this knife is often used by chefs to cut various types of food.
Medium in size with a length of about 20 to 30 cm, a chef’s knife is also often referred to as a multipurpose knife.
Chef’s knives can be used from cutting meat, slicing vegetables, chopping onions and various other seasonings.

2. Paring knife

A paring knife is a small knife with a length of only 10 to 17 cm.
As the name implies which means a peeled knife,
a knife that resembles a mini-sized chef’s knife is indeed used to peel fruit and vegetable peels.
In addition, the paring knife can also be used to slice shrimp and make fruit and vegetable garnishes.

3. Bread knife

Bread knife or bread knife is a long-sized cutting tool with the bottom of the knife that is not too sharp and jagged.
These fine jags function so that the cake or bread does not break or produce many rough crumbs when cut.

4. Cleaver

Here comes the knife that we often see for cutting large meat.
With a rectangular blade shape, a cleaver is used to cut meat into smaller sizes.
Not only cutting meat, but the large size of the cleaver also enables it to cut hard animal bones.

5. Boning knife

A boning knife is a knife often used by chefs to separate meat from the bone.
Small and thin, the characteristic of this knife is it’s curved and pointed shape at the edges.
Its small and curved shape will make it easy for chefs to separate meat from bones, even in narrow and difficult to reach areas.

6. Cheese knife

Judging from its name, this knife does work to cut soft, rather sticky cheese.
It has a somewhat different shape from other knives, cheese knife has holes in the entire body of the knife.
This large hole serves to make the cheese slice look neater and not sticky and stick to the knife.

7. Mincing knife

The mincing knife is a type of large-sized knife used to chop meat until smooth.
Having a large, curved knife body with two handles on the sides,
this chopper knife produces smooth chopped meat as a basic ingredient in making meatballs or burger meat.

8. Carving knife

Carving knife has a shape that is almost like a chef’s knife,
it’s just that the layer of knife on the carving knife is thinner and lighter than a chef’s knife.
The tip of the knife is more pointed and sometimes some types of carving knife are made more curved to make it easier to make a shape from fruit.