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Catering Diet Paleo CleanCookery

Catering Diet Paleo CleanCookery. The desire to live healthily or lose weight is sometimes hindered by busyness.
Especially for those who work daily so they do not have time to prepare healthy provisions from home.
While the food on the outside is known to be less good for those who want to maintain ideal body weight.
If you also experience it, diet catering can be considered.
No need to worry about the menu, ingredients, or cooking time, food can come directly to your home or office.

Catering Diet Paleo Clean Cookery

Various kinds of diet catering are being offered. Usually, catering entrepreneurs promote their services through social media, like Instagram.
One of them is catering to the Clean Cookery diet. Catering Diet Paleo CleanCookery.
The caterer provides a menu with the Paleo method for you really want to avoid rice and focus on protein intake.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Paleo diet, this method adopts a diet in the paleolithic era.
At that time, humans forage by hunting animals and do not know wheat and sugar. Catering Diet Paleo Clean Cookery for Healthy.
Therefore, in this method of dietary regulation, it is forbidden to consume rice, wheat, sugar, beans, vegetable oil, and dairy products.

It is hoped that with a diet like this, the body will avoid modern diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.
Do not consume sugar and dairy products can also reduce body weight to acne.
voxtv had the opportunity to try this diet method from Clean Cookery for nine days.
What’s the result? Is it true that the diet applied by Miley Cyrus to Jessica Biel can really streamline?

For nine days, Clean Cookery offers a lunch and dinner menu as well. Food comes in practical plastic containers.
Before eating, you can store it in the refrigerator to be warmed in the microwave before eating.
In a package menu generally consists of foods made from meat, vegetables, chili, and fruit.

Catering Diet

Down 3 Kg in 2 Weeks with Paleo Clean Cookery Diet Catering Photo: Rahmi Anjani / Wolipop
Before starting a diet Clean Cookery will usually notify a number of ‘restrictions’.
Dieters are also asked to keep their intake, especially on catering days, not delivering food, Saturday and Sunday.
Although not explained the recommended food for breakfast, you can choose one that does not violate the rules of the Paleo diet.

While trying this catering, Clean Cookery offers a fairly varied menu.
Although every food contains chicken, beef, or shrimp, the author is not too bored.
Overall, the food I tried tastes good, varied, and remains tasty even for a diet.

But because it often offers western food, the menu in this catering seems less suitable for you whose tongue is very Indonesian.
But not all foods have an international flavor. There are also Soto Ayam or Oxtail Soup that can satisfy your traditional tongue.
Here are some taste reviews from the Clean Cookery diet catering menu:

Chicken Seasoning Chicken, Sauteed Beans with Anchovy, Pineapple
Down 3 Kg in 2 Weeks with Paleo Clean Cookery Diet Catering

Not allowed to eat rice, this catering usually doubles the portion of meat.
This menu provides two pieces of chicken salad seasoning that tastes good and tasty.
For vegetables, they offered stir-fried beans that are anchovies so it is not boring.
In closing, there are fresh pineapple especially if served cold.

Oxtail Soup, Balado Eggplant, Dragon Fruit

One of the traditional menus that the author tasted is Oxtail Soup.
At that time, the soup was a little less salty and was dominated by nutmeg.
The soup is combined with delicious and not too spicy Balado eggplant.
As a dessert, there is a dragon fruit that is rich in fiber.

Coconut Milk Braised Chicken, Mexican Cauliflower Rice, Melon

On a ninth day, presented coconut milk braised chicken, Catering Diet Paleo CleanCookery.
a portion of food similar to Opor which was given lemon juice.
To satisfy longing with rice, there is also Mexican cauliflower rice that does not contain sugar because it is made from cabbage.

Chicken Salad Madras, Sauteed Beans, Watermelons

Another menu from this catering is a chicken salad madras which is equipped with Mayonnaise sauce a la Paleo diet style.
It also provided stir-fried beans that still feel fresh and crispy. Finally, there are watermelons as a cover.

During the Paleo diet, the author did feel some side effects in the early days, such as dizziness and weakness.
This seems to occur because it is not usual not to eat rice.
But after two days, the body feels fine because it has been adapted. Catering Diet Paleo CleanCookery.
Meat-based menus also make writers not feel hungry like people are on a diet.
And after eating the Paleo diet for nine days from Clean Cookery there was a weight loss of almost 3 kg and the abdominal circumference shrank by 10 cm.

For those of you who are interested in catering, you can directly contact Clean Cookery at the number listed on Instagram, @cleancookery.
This catering can be enjoyed starting from Rp 325 thousand for a one-week lunch menu.
If you want at the same time as dinner, you can get it with Rp. 625 thousand.
The two-week lunch package is IDR 600 thousand and the monthly lunch package is IDR 1.1 million.